Arizona Construction Defect Law

Arizona law requires that a builder or developer, as an implied condition of the contract to build a building, has a duty to construct the building in a workmanlike manner.  This duty is owed to the immediate purchaser of the property and passes to subsequent purchasers, provided claims are brought within the applicable time restrictions of the Arizona statutes of limitation and repose.

In order to measure up to its duties, a builder must follow the building plans, comply with applicable building codes, follow manufacturer’s installation instructions for pre-manufactured items, and otherwise comply with industry standards. 

Unfortunately, builders do not always provide a home that is fit and habitable, and they frequently refuse to make repairs despite a legal duty to do so.  When that happens, an experienced Arizona construction defect lawyer can help formulate a claim against the builder to recover damages for the costs of repair, loss of use of the home, loss of property value, and the costs of attorneys and experts hired to advance the claim

If you believe you have a construction defect claim against a builder in Arizona, contact the Arizona construction defect lawyers at Harper Law to have your case evaluated as soon as possible.