Arizona Construction Law

Any construction project, whether residential or commercial, involves the complex interplay of parties with their own interests and agendas and legal disputes often arise. From the conception of a construction project issues including contracts, insurance, bonding, liens, planning and zoning, permists, inspections, and others have significant legal ramifications. Having an experienced Arizona construction lawyer in your corner can help avoid problems later on and/or quickly resolve problems before they get bigger.

Construction And Payment Disputes

One of the most common issues that arises in the course of construction projects are payment disputes among owners, contractors and subcontractors. If the parties are unable to resolve such a dispute a construction attorney can help remedy the situation by properly framing the claim and helping the party navigate a complex dispute resolution process that may involve administrative proceedings, litigation, mediation or arbitration.

Construction Defects

Another major area of construction law involves claims of poor workmanship that may be attributed to lack of quality installation, substandard materials, and/or inadequate design. Many residential construction defect claims are initiate by homeowner complaints to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, which investigates claims and has the power to revoke a contractors license if problems are not fixed. Sometimes, however, a complaint to the ROC is not enough and homeowners may require legal representation to recover financial damages. 

Consulting With An Arizona Construction Law Attorney

Whether you are a homeowner with a potential claim or a contractor seeking to collect from a principal or other contractor, Harper Law can help you understand your rights and, where necessary, represent your interests.