Arizona Insurance Bad Faith Law

In exchange for paying your insurance premium every month you expect that your insurance company will honor claims when you suffer a loss. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies refuse to honor the terms of your insurance policy or, contrary to the terms of the policy, refuse to defend you when someone else makes a claim against you.

In Arizona, insurance companies have a legal duty to treat their policyholders in good faith. This  duty requires the insurer to, among other things, deal with claims in a timely manner, pay claims pursuant to the terms of the policy, and otherwise treated their insureds fairly. These requirements apply to all types of insurance, including homeowners, auto, title, professional, and umbrella policies.

If you believe that your insurance company has failed to pay a claim or otherwise honor its policy with you, Harper Law's experienced Arizona insurance  bad faith lawyers can  can help you determine whether you have grounds for a civil complaint for breach of your insurance contract and insurance bad faith. Our  Arizona law firm, with offices in Phoenix, Gilbert, in Tucson, serves individuals and businesses throughout the state of Arizona.