Arizona Landlord Tenant Law

Disputes between landlords and tenants are one of the most common disputes handled in the Arizona court system. In light of the number of contracts - AKA lease agreements - signed for housing, that's not really a surprise. Unfortunately, these disputes often cost both parties more money that it should and many problems can be avoided by simply taking the time to talk to a lawyer 

Overview Of Arizona Landlord Tenant Law

Arizona landlord tenant law is a specialized practice that is governed by the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act or the Arizona Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.  There are also statutory guidelines governing commercial landlords and tenants, though these are less comprehensive and do not provide the same protections afforded to residential tenants.

Resolving Legal Problems For Landlords And Tenants

Many landlords are surprised to discover how difficult it can become to deal with a problem tenant, and tenants likewise fail to realize how few remedies they might have when a landlord fails to meet his or her obligations. Getting an experienced Arizona landlord tenant attorney, who understands the rights and obligations of both sides, can help you avoid significant problems later on. Where a dispute has already arisen, an Arizona landlord tenant lawyer can help get it resolved as expeditiously as possible.


If you are a landlord or a tenant and are concerned that your rights are not being protected Harper Law is prepared to help you. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with an experienced Arizona landlord tenant attorney to discuss your questions as soon as possible.

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