Tombstone Lawyer Allen R. English Was An Unparrallelled Character

Sometimes I come across a bit of history that I feel compelled to share.  Click here to check out a fascinating book excerpt about one of Tombstone's early legal giants.

Both the city of Tombstone, Arizona and the practice of law have changed a lot since the late 1800's. According to my recent search of the Arizona State Bar records, there are only five lawyers in Tombstone today, and the city is just a shadow of what it was in its heyday.

A brief review of the life of Tombstone lawyer Allen English shows that he was a skilled lawyer who rose to the top of his profession despite a life-long battle with alcohol that drifted into the courtroom on more than one occasion.  I'm sure that most lawyers today will agree that judges today would not be nearly as tolerant of Mr. English's antics, and that he would not be a Tombstone lawyer for long.