Timely Payment Of Wages Under Arizona Law

Most Employees Must Be Paid Wages Earned At Least Twice Per Month In Arizona

Arizona Revised Statute Section 23-351 mandates that employees must be paid their wages at least twice per month on fixed paydays, and not more than 16 days apart. If, however, an employer is headquartered outside of Arizona certain employees may be paid just once per month. An employer considering once-a-month paydays should check with an employment lawyer to ensure the practice complies with Arizona law.

Permitted Manner Of Payment Of Wages

Arizona's wage statutes provide that an employee's pay may be deposited on the designated payday via direct deposit into the employee's bank account, pusuant to the employee's consent which can be revoked at any time. Employers, of course, may also pay with a negotiable bank check or "in lawful currency," though that practice is not advised.

Payment Of Wages Owed Upon Termination Of An Employee

Arizona law requires that discharged employees be paid their final wages due to them within seven working days from the date of discharge, or at the next regular payday, whichever is earlier. When an employee resigns they must be paid no later than the next regular pay for the pay period when they resigned.

If wages such as commissons and bonuses are undetermined at the time of termination or resignation they will have to be paid as agreed by the employer and employee if already earned. If the employee is unsure whether such sums are earned and owed by the employer he/she should consult with an attorney to determine whether a wage claim is warranted.