Wrongful Termination Lawyers In Arizona Help Navigate Difficult Waters

Losing your job is never a pleasant experience and during tough financial times lawyers see a pronounced uptick in the number of people calling about potential wrongful termination cases. As an Arizona wrongful termination lawyer I meet with several people every week who have lost their jobs and believe there may be an illegal reason underlying the termination. Having spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours in such meetings over the past 15 years I have learned that wrongful termination lawyers can help people facing a tough situation by taking the time to provide learned and experienced legal counsel.

Unfortunately, due to the great numbers of people seeking help it is sometimes difficult to take the time to listen and fully advise prospective clients in the course of a consultation. Because of the time investment involved we always charge a consultation fee to sit down with a lawyer and discuss a potential wrongful termination case. Fully evaluating a particular case requires that we understand the facts and circumstances of each person's employment and termination. After that is done, we are able to advise whether any potential claims exist, the required course of action for pursuing such claims, and the risks and benefits of doing so.

Because this takes time not all law firms offer such uncommon legal counsel, instead opting to simply evaluate potential cases based on intake through an online form or paralegal, and then decide whether or not there is a case the firm is interested in. Of course, that's all some people want, but that's not a service Harper Law typically offers. Instead, we work with people who want to truly understand their legal situation - even if that means we have to tell them something they don't want to hear.

If you've been fired from your job you need to understand the truth about your situation as soon as possible. If you do have potential claims there may be very short time limitations on taking action to pursue such claims. And even if you do not have any legal for factual basis for pursuing a wrongful termination claim, knowing that and moving on as early as possible in the process can provide some emotional relief.

Fortunately, there are many excellent wrongful termination lawyers in Arizona, if you are dealing with a recent job loss I strongly encourage you to schedule a consultation to spend some time learning about your legal rights.