A.R.S. § 23-108.02 - Appointment Of Administrative Law Judges Of The Arizona Industrial Commission

Arizona Revised Statute Section 23-108.02 governs the appointment of administrative law judges for the Arizona Industrial Commission. This section states:

A. The commission shall appoint administrative law judges of the commission who shall be members of the Arizona state bar. 
B. The annual compensation of the chief administrative law judge and of the administrative law judges shall be as determined pursuant to section 38-611.

This section of the Arizona statutes, first enacted in 1968 and subsequently amended on at least three occasions, specifies that one of the duties of the Industrial Commission is to appoint lawyers, who must be members of the Arizona State Bar, to act as Administrative Law Judges to hear legal matters pending before the Commission. These matters generally fall within the scope of the General Powers granted to the Industrial Commission in A.R.S. § 23-107.

The Administrative Law Judges of the Industrial Commission act within the ALJ Division of the Commission, and work within the stated mission "to resolve disputed matters in workers’ compensation, youth employment and wages efficiently, impartially and equitably as the administrative tribunal of the ICA in matters that arise under the jurisdiction of the ICA."

The Industrial Commission employees several Administrative Law Judges in Phoenix and Tucson, who hear matters from throughout the State. Although the statute only specifies that the ALJs must be members of the Arizona State Bar, the Industrial Commission has established additional standards requiring that they must also have at least five years of experience in workers' compensation, employment, or a related field.