Arizona Business Law

Harper Law's practice is focused on serving people. We often say that our real estate and employment focused practice is designed to serve everyone who lives in a house or has a job. Of course, many of those same people own, operate and/or manage Arizona small businesses and they need access to legal advice at their convenience, whether they're setting up a new business entity, dealing with problem employees, or managing litigation. Harper Law is proud to provide solutions uniquely equipped to serve your business needs, including the preparation of forms and agreements and assistance to resolve ongoing business disputes.

Don't let your Arizona small business become a victim of an inexcusable failure to put a lawyer on your team. We can help you understand the legal risks and opportunities you face and guide you toward the best solution whatever your situation.

If your business has been sued or needs to pursue claims against another individual or business, you'll also find experienced guidance at Harper Law.  We've successfully represented businesses in State and Federal Courts throughout Arizona and are uniquely positioned to help you find the correct legal solution, even if that means bringing in another lawyer with the specialized background you might need.