Even if you just think you need an attorney it's probably a good idea to schedule a consultation with an experienced Arizona lawyer as soon as possible. At Harper Law we invite you to visit our office or, if distance is a problem, we are happy to conduct a consultation via telephone, sometimes immediately depending on availability.

What Should You Expect From A Legal Consultation?

First, some people are surprised to learn that we charge a consultation fee. The truth is we always have and we always will. That's because unlike some law firms who offer free consultations - mostly for criminal, DUI, or personal injury matters - our primary objective in a consultation is not signing you up as a client. Instead, we want to help you understand your legal rights and obligations.

At many law firms a "free consultation" really means a brief discussions with an intake person (not a lawyer) who will determine whether your case is something they can make money from. You don't walk away with any more information than you started with. At Harper Law you'll meet with an experienced Arizona lawyer who will set aside up to an hour to talk about your case, discuss your legal options, and, if appropriate, go over possible representation options.

At the end of the day, we can't guarantee that we'll take your case, or even give an opinion that you have a case worth pursuing or defending, until we have the opportunity to meet with you, discuss the details, and review any pertinent documents. What we can guarantee is that we'll offer an honest, unbiased assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your position. In our experience, that is uncommon legal counsel.

How To Hire Our Law Firm

In the event your case is one that we are able to handle, we will discuss the terms and conditions by which Harper Law may agree to undertake such representation. Although it's impossible to determine what those terms will be before we have the opportunity to fully assess your case in a consultation, you can get some idea of possible fee structures by visiting our Legal Fees page.

Prepare For Your Consultation

To make the most of your meeting with an attorney, please come to the meeting prepared. If possible, bring copies of the relevant documents that support or describe your case. Often, it is helpful if you prepare a short, written chronology for the attorney to review. In addition, be prepared to identify all of the important parties and witnesses in advance of your consultation so that our law firm can confirm that there are no conflicts that would preclude us from meeting with you.

Note Regarding Attorney/Client Relationship

A consultation establishes an attorney/client relationship only with regard to the matters discussed during the consultation and only for the duration of the consultation. By having a consultation with Harper Law PLC, you do not become a client of the firm and you may not represent to third parties that you are represented by Harper Law PLC.

Consult with a Lawyer


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