Proving That Your House Has A Construction Defect

If you are trying to recover damages from an Arizona homebuilder based on an allegation that your home has one or more construction defects, you'll probably need to engage the services of an expert to help you prove your case.  The expert you hire must have a sufficient combination of training, education and experience to testify convincingly about his conclusions that support your case. In many cases you will need to hire more than expert. For example, if your roof leaks, you may need to hire an expert architect as well as a contractor to fully address the design and damages issues. 

Unfortunately, experts are required in most construction defect cases and their services can significantly add to the costs of prosecuting such cases. Arizona construction defect lawyers have experience working with experts and can help identify experts who might be needed to prove your case.  In many cases, a good expert with a well-founded opinion can help convince the builder of the merits of your claim and lead to a satisfactory settlement.