What is "Arizona Law"?

"Arizona Law" is codified in a myriad of sources, from the common law set forth in judicial decisions of the Arizona Courts since the Territorial days, to the local ordinances of the State's smallest municipalities. 

When a person thinks of Arizona Law they are often thinking of the State Laws set forth in the Arizona Revised Statutes.  Within the 49 Titles included in the Arizona Revised Statutes are laws governing all the matters that the Arizona State Legislature has deemed worthy of attention over the years.  These statutes are continually updated as each successive Legislature completes its work.

Sometimes the language of the relevant statute may require some interpretation by the Court, and such interpretations are contained in the decisions of Arizona's Appellate Courts, which also interpret common law legal principles that are not specifically addressed by a statutory provision.

Of course, notwithstanding - or perhaps because of - all these statutes, rules and judicial interpretations, lawyers can still find plenty to argue about.  Many laypersons are surprised to discover that their case isn't as nearly as open and shut as they think.  Unfortunately, some people are convinced that all they need to do is tell the judge their story and they can't lose.

Although the justice system maybe should work that way, it simply doesn't.  Most of the time, if you don't have an experienced attorney to formulate and communicate a reasoned legal argument, you will be unsuccessful against a similarly experienced attorney. Arizona law is varied, complex and always changing.  Don't hesitate to call Harper Law if you believe we can help in any way.