Why Should I Hire an Arizona Real Estate Lawyer When Purchasing a Home?

In many states, particularly in the eastern U.S., an attorney's help is mandated when buying or selling a parcel of real estate.  That is not the case in Arizona, and many ordinary real estate transactions are completed every day without an attorney's services.  There is no question that most real estate transactions are now so standardized, particularly with regard to the contracts and related forms utilized in the majority of Arizona real estate transactions, that a real estate attorney is not required.

In most cases, however, buyers and sellers should at least consult with a real estate lawyer to discuss some of the common legal issues that may not be addressed by a real estate agent.  Although experienced agents are adept at the negotiating part of the sales process, they are not usually able - or permitted - to address legal issues.

No two parcels of real estate are identical, and no two transactions are identical.  Only an Arizona real estate lawyer can properly advise you on unusual language you or the other party may want to include in the purchase contract, and counsel you on the types of problems that may lead to future, expensive litigation.

In sum, although it is no longer standard practice in Arizona, smart buyers and sellers should arm themselves with an experienced Arizona real estate attorney before proceeding with any property transaction.  In most cases the costs will be minimal, but the peace of mind and potential savings will be virtually incalculable.