Don't Delay When It Comes To Stopping A Foreclosure In Arizona

If you're facing the foreclosure of your Arizona home and you want to stop the foreclosure sale, please act now. We meet with far too many people who have a trustee's sale coming up within days (or sometimes hours) and they want to do something to stop the sale. Even if there are legal grounds to challenge the sale, it can be very difficult - and much more expensive - without the benefit of time.

When given time, it may be possible to obtain a court order stopping, or at least delaying the sale. Even when there is no legal basis to challenge the sale, with time a resolution may be reached with the bank. 

I understand that bank representatives and others sometimes provide assurances not to worry about a scheduled sale date, often verbally representing that the sale will be continued while you are working on a loan modification or other resolution. Homeowners should understand, however, that unless a court order is obtained to stop a foreclosure sale, the lender's promises may be meaningless once the property is sold even in violation of such a promise. So if you've got a foreclosure date coming up assume your home will be sold unless the lender has vacated the sale or a court has entered an injunction preventing the sale.